Our Products

  • Coal
    • Coking Coal
      We source coking coal directly from leading global miners for supply to steel making units and coke-ovens etc.
    • Thermal Coal
      We source quality thermal coal from reliable miners located in Australia, Indonesia and South Africa to meet the energy needs of the end-users.
  • Lubrication
    • SOFTENOL® 3108 is a biodegradable lubricant which drastically reduces friction between cable and cable duct when telecommunication cables are laid.
  • Metal-working
    • SOFTENOL® 3829 is a heat-resistant lubricant of high oxidative stability, which is used in deep drawing, stamping, bending or embossing of aluminium or tinplate foils.
  • EPS polymer processing additives
    • IOI Oleo GmbH provides a wide range of components needed for the formulation of EPS coating additives. As a special service for that industry, IOI Oleo GmbH develops customer-specific ready-to-use blends, which guarantee an optimized performance of the individual EPS type.
  • Paper
    • Pressure adhesive label paper
    • Kaolin clay
    • Precipitated calcium carbonate
    • Nanoclay
  • Polymers
    • PVC :Pipe, Film
    • EVA :Solar ,Footwear,Adhesives
    • LDPE :Coating Grade
    • PPS
    • PS
  • Medical Polymers
    • PVC
    • Eco Plasticizers
  • Ink /coating/Adhesives
    • DCPD
    • Tackifier Resin C9/C5
    • Kaolin
  • Solar Chemicals
    • Glass Coatings Chemicals
    • Cell printing chemicals
    • EVA :Solar
    • HF:Solar Grade


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